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You are still in full control of your patient accounts. We are only processing and managing your accounts. We are available to regularly liaise with you at your convenience and will prioritise any follow-up actions required regarding patient accounts. We provide you with a detailed age analysis of your accounts every month, enabling you to always be kept up to date with the status of every account. We, however, do not hand over patients’ accounts for debt collecting and we do not institute legal action. In such cases we will present you with all the details to hand over the account to a debt collector or lawyer.

It varies from practice to practice. Due to economies of scale, and our specially trained staff members, our fee is often less than what it would cost you as the practitioner to execute with your own staff and equipment. We would gladly provide you with a quotation on request

Our portfolio of clients includes medical specialists, general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychologists. The size of our clients’ practices ranges from large, multi partner practices to small, part time practices.

Practitioners usually send us their fee sheets and remittance advices on a daily or weekly basis. With some of our clients we collect the information through our courier service, via emails or faxes, and other clients prefer to deliver the information to us by hand.

We don’t receive any monies from medical aid schemes or from your patients. All payments are made directly to you into your own bank account. You just provide us with details of payment dates and amounts to enable us to update patient accounts.

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