Increase Your Community Outreach Efforts. Your Community Will Thank You for It.

Being in the medical industry means caring for people is ultimately your profession. Your profession alone allows you to touch the lives of the patients you assist. Instead of confining that goodwill within the walls of your healthcare facility, spilling it out into your local community can elevate your private practice.

Just as any other business, it is important that you care about giving back to the community the best way you know how. Investing in your medical practice’s philanthropy has countless benefits, namely:

  • The public gets to see and experience your generous spirit.
  • You build long-term relationships with people within your community- the backbone of your practice.
  • You are indirectly marketing your private practice as it increases exposure.

If you want your medical practice to put more energy and time into charitable efforts, then you and your staff would need to develop a community outreach strategy that can maximise your practice’s impact in your local community. You need to make sure the causes you choose to drive forward align with your practice’s passion and interests. Furthermore, developing a strategy for the year allows you the opportunity to budget accordingly.

Below are just some of the ways your medical practice can boost its community outreach.

1. Fundraising

Your health practice can sponsor or even host fundraising events (i.e. charity walks, food drives, gala dinners) that drive the causes closest to your hearts. Hosting, attending or setting up stations at these events will give your medical practice the exposure it needs to reach more people.  In addition, sponsoring events usually is a great way to advertise your practice.

2. Sponsorships

Make your name and practice more visible by sponsoring local sports teams, local school events, camps, or even school scholarships.

3. Chamber of commerce

Joining the local chamber of commerce and attending their events frequently will help you build relationships with local business owners. This is important if you want to establish strong connections within your community.

Any charitable acts should be done from the goodness of your heart with no expectation of financial gain. Your passion and worthy causes should drive your community outreach efforts, or it may risk coming off as disingenuous. When your medical practice gives back to the community, then locals will increasingly support your practice in return.

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