Medical Billing Administration

Medical Billing Administration

Two questions on Medical Billing Administration:

  • Are you a medical professional currently frustrated or challenged by certain medical billing administration realities?
  • Are you going to allow someone to assist you in diminishing a big part of the problem?

Any doctor will know that it is no small feat to operate as a Medical Professional in this day and age. The responsibility doctors have in saving lives are to an extent capped by the pressure of medical billing administration. Healthcare administration as a whole hamper the Medical Professional’s time, resources and energy and Philip Potgieter, dir. Data Spot-On, speaks passionately about how Medical practitioners constantly have to juggle between expenses, patient accounts, fiscal integrity, Medical Codes and, to top it all, the need for keeping up with medical technology.

Concerns regarding the running of a practice and career range amongst some of the biggest concerns Medical Professionals have. According to “Medical Economics” these concerns include:

  • Staffing & Training
  • Cost of Technology (including software pertaining to medical billing administration)
  • Time
  • Payment from patients / Medical Aids
  • Medical billing administration relating to Medical Aid: the guidelines and fine print

Phillip himself has had years of experience in managing the process of submitting claims in the correct format and following up on patient payments. He knows all about managing the whole process from filling in the correct Medical Billing code and its description (according to ICD 10 standards) to ensuring that medical aids accepts the claim and pay out accordingly.

That is another question: Who can I trust to accurately run this process?

With intricate processes that need to be adhered to in typical medical billing administration functions a Medical Professional has to consider the following aspects:

  • Do I want to take up this responsibility?
  • Do I know how to administrate this part of my business/practice effectively?
  • How do I ensure that my employees or myself, correctly administers Medical Billing?

As Philip states “It is dangerous when you don’t know something. It is even more dangerous if you don’t know that you don’t know”.

We live in a society where we can feel flustered or taken aback by the quagmire of Medical Administration challenges. We can simply submit to the fact that we live in a very modern society where technology has brought the answer for many a problem.

Then the question becomes whether we embrace the solution which Data Spot-On offers?

It is definitely possible to lower frustration and stress and, above all, save time by implementing the services of a company rigged and focussed on administering healthcare accounts. The following areas are implicated:

Patient Accounts

Patient Accounts can be centrally held, administered and followed up on. Patients’ replies are directed toward Data Spot-On, keeping all patient account related enquiries off the Medical Professional’s desk. Regular reporting keeps the Professional up to date. The account’s responsibility only reverts back to the Medical Professional if it becomes necessary to hand an individual over to a lawyer for unpaid fees.


Billing to Medical Aids can be processed and administered on a doctor’s behalf. Using trustworthy Elixir Software to submit claims and ensuring accurate submission of all necessary codes, Data Spot-On manages the whole claim process.

The Medical Professional has only one responsibility: supplying Data Spot-On with ICD10 codes of all procedures and/or treatments. This can be submitted remotely either online, via email or in handwritten form to the Data Spoton offices.

Data Spot-On profile

Data Spot-On has 20 years worth of experience in the medical billing administration field. They have a team of Specialists who stay abreast of changes in the medical field, ensuring the accuracy of the above streamlined processes.

This creates a new approach to medicine! One where the healer can focus on what he/she was trained to do. In short: It will enhance the task a doctor sets out to do: treating people and saving lives. With more time and less frustration, the job can be accomplished better, ensuring more patients reached.

This is a possible reality. Will it be your reality?


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