3 Medical Technology Predictions That Will Change Your Practice

Medical Technology

In recent years, technology has become more incorporated into our lives than ever before. Healthcare practices have experienced this trend by using medical technology in administration functions like medical billing to run their practices more efficiently and provide better care.

But what can we expect from technology in the not too distant future? We took a look at some of the biggest technology predictions that will change the healthcare industry in the next decade.


  1. Doctors will start using wearable tech

With wearable technology like Fit Bits already tracking a person’s heart rate, activity level and sleep patterns, it’s not a far stretch to see how doctors will be using this data in the near future. The next step is for healthcare professionals to be able to plug this data into their patient’s medical records to allow them to make more informed diagnoses.

And this will lead to…


  1. Little or no waiting room times

Instead of waiting around for your doctor to see you, patients will experience a much more streamlined and data gathering process. Patients will make use of pre-visit forms online and combine that with data from their wearable technology.

This will mean that less time will be spent collecting background information and the entire visit can be devoted to the patient’s ailment. The end result will speed up appointment durations and reduce the need to wait in waiting rooms.


  1. Make way for virtual visits

The most sought after commodity in the world is time. Travelling to the doctor’s office for a routine checkup will eventually be phased out by a more efficient and convenient method: telehealth.

Medical practices around the world are already embracing this trend. Doctors are experimenting with video calls and allowing patients to order new prescriptions through patient portals. Over the next couple of years, this trend is set to grow and also provide a way to address the shortage of practitioners in certain fields.

So how can your practice prepare for the future?

Don’t be scared of new medical technology

Technology is always in a state of constant flux. Don’t let your practice become stagnant by refusing to evolve with new industry trends and technology. Being able to learn and adopt this new technology before anyone else will put you ahead of the curve and give you a competitive edge.


Grow with your patients

As your patients become exposed to new technology their expectations and needs will change. This is why it is important to listen to them and take their feedback to heart. If your patients express the need for less time in the waiting room or more efficient ways to get their script renewed, it’s time to start thinking how you can meet their needs and integrate tech into your practice.

The key thing to remember is to embrace new medical technology and not let the anxiety of change put you at a disadvantage. Although changes can be scary and disruptive it can put your medical practice on the right track for success.


What are some of your tech predictions for medical practices in the next few years? Let us know in the comments.


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