Cons of outsourcing your medical billing and how you can overcome them with Data Spot-On

While outsourcing your medical billing administration is undoubtedly the best way to go, many people are still hesitant to hand over the patient accounts to a complete stranger. Understandably so, having an outside party take over something as paramount as your medical billing is enough to scare off any medical practitioner. Like any other effective business system, outsourcing your medical billing has its flaws but with the right company by your side, these challenges can easily be overcome.

1. No control over medical billing

Medical specialists and practice managers are hesitant to let a third party handle their medical billing because they think they will lose control over medical billing staff and accounts. Crucial practice management responsibilities such as revenue cycle, finance management, and account receivables are now being outsourced, which can leave medical specialists feeling vulnerable.

With Data Spot-On, you are still in full control of your patient accounts. We are only processing and managing your accounts. Our team is available to regularly liaise with you at your convenience and will prioritize any follow-up actions required regarding patient accounts. We provide you with a detailed age analysis of your accounts every month, enabling you to always be kept up to date with the status of every account.

2. Risks to patient satisfaction

You may think that outsourcing your medical billing administration could cause patient satisfaction to suffer. While it is true that it is easier to build relationships with customers with the more personal experience in-house billing staff offers, customers will still receive excellent and personal service if you pick the right medical billing company.

Our friendly team of medical administration experts provide the friendliest, most personalized service when following up with patients. Furthermore, we contact patients via text or a phone call, so they don’t need to stop what they’re doing to travel to your practice in order to enquire about their patient accounts.

3. Privacy and security breaches

The biggest concern medical practitioners have with outsourcing is that they think it jeopardizes their patient’s privacy and security. Many believe that outsourcing your medical billing poses a bigger risk than having in-house medical billing staff.

At Data Spot-On, safe storage of patient codes and information is guaranteed. We ensure secure backups automated by our Medical Practice Management Software and system maintenance.


Letting us handle your medical billing administration is the best decision you’ll ever make. Our comprehensive and tailored solutions to your patient accounts problems will allow you to focus on what really matters- helping people.



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