Gain Control of Your Practice

Does outsourcing your medical billing means giving up control to someone else and therefore makes your practice susceptible to fraudulent activities? The opposite is true and for most practices they feel more in control than ever.

While an independent billing company is taking care of the time consuming work and dealing with difficult and complex medical claims, you as the provider have breathing room to review monthly reports and see at a glance the health of your practice. Monthly and annual comparisons are quickly made and all questions are addressed in detail furthermore a clear audit trail exists from the billing sheet up to when the money of the claim is received in your bank account.

Things like billing errors or payer reimbursements issues can be identified early before they spiral out of control. By outsourcing your medical billing to an independent medical billing company you enhance transparency in your practice. Furthermore does the ability to run any report 24 hours a day gives a sense of control. Adding an expert billing team to the mix, as well, also utilizes a team approach to progress toward mutual goals.

Data Spot On has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to handling your patient billing administration with the utmost care and competency. Our staff knows what they’re doing and works as a team with your practice to ensure your practice is on a good solid foundation – we help you gain control of your practice.


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