Do Medical Billing Software & Apps Improve Patient Collections?

Medical Billing Software

Today we turn to the thriving nature of Medical Billing Software Applications, and it is about time as Medical billing in a private healthcare practice can be a significant challenge for owners looking to maximize functionality, minimize costs and improve patient collections over time. App technology in the healthcare administration field is on the rise in South Africa, for good reason.

While you already know that an automated process for medical accounts administration is necessary, many South Africans are still forced to pay cash for their various medical treatments – which means for a newly minted private practice – late payments, overdue medical accounts and hefty debt collection fees are a constant concern for growth-orientated owners.

Medical Billing Software Applications Solve Ongoing Problems

As the owner of a private healthcare practice, medical billing and tracking lies at the heart of your daily patient administration practices. In today’s demanding, fast-paced environment – you need affordable software you can trust, while allowing for easy integration with your medical staff and enough support to make the transition worthwhile.

Select the wrong patient billing software and you are looking at costs that may keep you from expanding at critical times. Select software that is overly complex, and your staff will struggle to adjust, claims will be processed incorrectly and your medical practice may end up in jeopardy due to too many medical billing mistakes that accumulate during the month.

For the ambitious healthcare practice owner, it makes sense to invest in a smaller-scale application built specifically for real-time functionality, ease-of-use and patient outreach. The new generation of healthcare billing apps gives you several advantages when it comes to healthcare collections – one of the main issues facing practices like yours.

Patient Collections and The New Age of Medical Billing Services

With the right Medical Billing Software, your practice joins the throng of progressive, digital-centric medical practices focused on reducing the risk of late or absent payments in South Africa. Some 75% of all medical practices are already using electronic healthcare collections services, but most are via third party providers.

When a medical practice owner does not want to pay for an overpriced , over-complex software package, these real-time mobile Medical Billing Software Apps are the best route forward. Apps like DrChrono for example, give medical administration staff a quick snapshot of the patient’s payment records in real time, along with important financial stats like past rejection and approval rates.

Greater Functionality and Control For Medical Centres

Patient billing done with these apps is instant, which helps the medical facility in a few ways. First of all, they can see in real-time whether their patient has the funds available in their medical aid accounts. This means that the upfront cash can be requested at the counter while the patient is still in-house. The result of this is fewer outstanding and unpaid bills at the end of the month.

These medical billing applications also allow your administration staff to see the payment record of a patient, to flag non-payers in advance. Plus many of these apps can be integrated with a patient-friendly healthcare collections service, monitored by the staff. Instead of harassing patients, online outreach and friendly reminders convert more often into paid accounts.

With direct ‘medical centre to patient mobile or email’ outreach, patient accounts can be managed with more tact, fewer bad practices and with added benefits – like access to your own patient financial data which will improve patient collection rates using customer relationship management practices.

Consider exploring medical billing apps for your small private practice this year.

  1. nomambo 6 years ago

    good day

    The data spoton is it for doctors use only or I can use it if I have a nursing private practice as well?

    • Philip Potgieter 6 years ago

      Hi there, thanks for your interest! Data Spot-On is for any health practitioner. We’re able to assist in any facet of the billing and accounting process. Feel free to contact me, Philip Potgieter Cell: +27(0) 83 452 4550, or for more information.

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