Is Your Medical Practice Drowning In Expenses? – Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners

Just as with any business, a private medical practice can only keep its doors open if it is running efficiently and making a profit. Many physicians find it difficult to keep their operating expenses low enough to truly see their return on investment, without thinking they are slacking on the quality of service they are offering their patients. However, there are a few ways you can reduce your medical practice expenses without cutting corners. What many people don’t realise is that running your practice as efficiently as possible directly allows you to provide the best service and care to your prized patients.

1. Hire the right staff

The issue of staff is probably the most important aspect to factor in when reducing your operating costs. Not only are staff expenses the largest expense in any medical practice (rightfully so), but staff can make or break your medical practice. Reviewing the responsibilities of your staff is important to ensure that each duty is assigned to the best possible person. The same way having too little staff can negatively affect your business, so can having too much staff. For your practice to run smoothly and efficiently, always remember to pick quality (qualified and highly capable staff) over quantity without overworking them. This will keep staff morale high which increases productivity, thus boosting efficiency; saving you money.

2. Reduce inefficient account administration

The downfall of many physicians’ practices is due to inefficient patient account administration. Patient account billing should be dealt with timely and appropriately to ensure optimum payment of patient accounts and good cash flow. Dealing with different medical aids can be time consuming and costly to your practice, if not managed correctly. Outsourcing your medical billing administration to professionals is your best bet!

Data Spot-On has a team of qualified professionals ready to handle your patient accounts administration. You are effectively eliminating unnecessary medical practice expenses such as rental for a bigger space to accommodate billing administration staff.

Your health practice is still your business. Reducing your practice expenditure through outsourcing your medical billing administration and paying attention to staff, are great ways to boost your practice’s profitability!


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